Email is now the information lifeblood of business. Sending email can be a daunting task when it is not the core competency of your business. Emailing is one of the most effective and proficient methods used to reach any target market. But reaching your desired market is more complicated than one can envision. DMC Site can help with your email marketing needs whether you desire to deploy your campaigns on a CPM or CPA basis.

DMC Site's highly skilled, industry-leading team provides in depth and highly productive marketing results. Our belief is that delivery and measurable conversions are the core of online marketing.

Data & List Management

DMC Site employs many industry endorsed best practices in its Data Management Division to increase the probability of email deliverability and therefore campaign performance. We will manage your permission-based file and create incremental revenue for you. Files are tracked according to customer responses by to varied marketing messages that are targeted according to demographic profiles.

Companies have varied needs and can expect to see varied results. DMC Site is dedicated to customizing solutions to your unique needs and to assisting you achieve those ambitions

Data Sales & Procurement

Unlike traditional data providers, DMC Site specializes in merging data from many diverse partners to attain the particular marketing goals of our clients. Because no single list partner is expected to meet your requirements, we classify and utilize a myriad of resources in conjunction with proprietary sources to produce one of the most current and all-inclusive databases available for your precise data needs.

Email Data and Appends

Increase sales and lower costs by marketing to your existing customers through email...

Add current, permission-based email addresses to your database of existing clients or prospects. Opt-in email addresses are based on comprehensive information from a network of partners to ensure the highest delivery rate possible.